RUTINN is an artistic family joint work by
Ruta and Innokenty Korshunov.

Their alliance can result a spontaneous series of home-made portraits, a lonely Slovenian village landscape creation or a long-term surreal project, where modernity and mythology of ancient peoples intertwine.

However, each work constantly has recognizable artistic style and coloring, which at the same time leave space for each author`s individual features.


Diatonic Garden. How to create your own Book of Imaginary Beings, giving each hero features close to the person, looking at them, as at one`s own reflection?

Each image has a real and at the same time mythical complicated controversial life, as well as it has its own important problems, in a way it became their symbol. Its dilemmas also confuse the person, who has decided to look into surreal character`s eyes. You`re beholding a mirror that everyone sees, trying to look over the edge.

Why not to play the role of a gardener, who studies eternal questions roots and cultivates new meanings on the soil of conventional legends and, perhaps, by showing the fruits of one`s labors, to become one step closer to understanding them. The meaning plexuses can hardly be coldly analyzed. Choice and its absence, emotions and judgement, donning and doubts are constant companions of cogitation and life search.

What name should be given to a complex series, which unite different characters that complement each other, all the viewers, and artists themselves? Diatonic forms the basis of modal thinking in folk and professional European music. "Diatonic" adjective has the ancient Greek origin. It is a difficult musical term, meaning the wide ranges prevalence. Also the word literally means transition from pitch to pitch, which can be easily applied to understanding of difficult artistic structures, not only to the sounds world. Our "Garden" is an attempt to examine the undertones and shades in destinies` music and in characters` life interpretation.

The "Diatonic Garden" series is an attempt to show history in a little bit different way, and, perhaps, to understand it. There`s a lot more things around us, than just strictly black routine and dazzling white fictional life. And certainly not only spectral colors are around us, as they are just so few. We are surrounded by semitones. So it will be, so it is, and so it was. That's why even in famous childhood characters` mysterious fates, nothing can be obvious and simple. In spite of time and circumstances, which no one will ever know for sure, most of the historical and mythical figures were always extremely contradictory.
Neither the bloodthirsty Elizabeth Báthory, nor the sly werewolf fox kitsune have never stood next to the man of today. So why not to set your imagination free and not to assume that things were quite different? An endless "diatonic Garden" asks new questions one after another.